Right Place. Right Time. Port of Adak.

The deep water Port of Adak is a strategic ice-free gateway year round. Located in Adak, Alaska the future is here for offshore oilfield supply logistics, container transshipment, emergency and oil spill response, fueling and fish processing operations. Adak is one of the closest deep water ports within 1,000 miles of the Arctic. A former Naval port, Adak is home to extensive existing infrastructure, housing, and air transportation and cargo.

The Aleut Corporation’s vision for the future is to develop the Port of Adak into a world class service facility for the oil and gas industry as well as a container megaport servicing center for the Northern Sea Route, the Great Circle Route and other international and national shipping opportunities, and further optimize fisheries opportunities in Adak. The corporation’s executive team continues to develop partnerships, joint ventures and other business activities with companies in Alaska and abroad that share our vision for the future of Adak.

The Aleut Corporation is ready to work with you. We invite you to find out more about ongoing projects, development opportunities, and other capabilities within the Port of Adak project.

Gateway to the Arctic

The Port of Adak is a logistical gateway, strategically located at the intersection of the North Pacific Great Circle aRoute and the Northwest Passage, Transpolar and Northern Sea Routes.

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Why Adak?

A former naval base, the Port of Adak offers several advantages over other ports. Shippers can count on deep draft berthing space with year-round ice-free access.

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Building the Future

With deep, ice-free water all year long and extensive infrastructure, the Port of Adak is preparing to expand its capabilities as a transshipment hub and industrial support center.

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