Adak Airport

Poised To Become An International Hub

As the largest and most sophisticated airport on the Aleutian chain, the Adak Airport is poised to become an international hub to support the port’s busy logistics needs as projects develop in the coming years.

The history of aviation in Adak has deep military roots. Originally known as the Adak Army Airfield, the airport was originally built to service the US Navy and US Air force during the Aleutian Campaign of World War II. After the war was over, the Adak Army Airfield was turned over to the Navy and further developed into the world-class facility it is today.

The Adak Airport is equipped with two of the longest runways servicing arctic operations at 7,790 and 7,605 feet. The Adak airport facility also includes an Instrument Landing System and glideslope, which facilitate Instrument Flight Rules landings, allowing pilots to land and take off in the ever-changing weather patterns often experienced on the Aleutians. This state of the art equipment results in more on-time flights, which is good news for projects that depend on reliable aviation services.

The Adak Airport offers direct, dependable jet service from Anchorage two times per week, with onsite TSA. The facility can handle 737 jets and larger aircraft as needed. Due to the length of the asphalt-paved runways, the Adak Airport exceeds the standard 5,000-foot runway length requirement imposed by local and national air cargo fleets. With 150,000 square feet of hanger storage space, and aircraft refueling capabilities, the world class facility is fully prepared to handle supply storage, crew change maneuvers, charter aircraft, air cargo flights, and other logistics needs as they arise.