The Port

A former naval base, the Port of Adak offers several advantages over other ports. Shippers can count on deep draft berthing space with year-round ice-free access.


• Fueling dock — upgrades are under design for tankers up to 700 ft. length and 70 ft. draft
• Space for custom built container transshipment terminal
• 40,000 acres of easily accessible land available for custom built staging and storage facilities
• 20 million gallons of underground fuel storage
• Over 300,000 feet of warehouse space
• Two paved runways over 7,600 ft. each
• Equipment and materials hangars, paved real estate and available housing


The Port of Adak is a year round ice-free, deep water port, providing transshipment, oilfield services, and fisheries operations with two fully equipped cargo piers and a fueling pier. The Port offers a massive 2,750 lineal feet of available berthing space, breakwater protection, and the capability to resupply vessels with fuel and water.

Optimal for efficient and timely fleet turnaround, the Port of Adak is also perfect for longer term berthing and is protected by a 1000 foot breakwater. Draft at the piers is -36 feet MLLW and tidal range is minimal at or above five feet. Two piers are rated at 1000 Ibs/square foot. Shoreside power availability is already in place where vessels can connect directly to the Adak power grid. Temporary power is also available for support vessels. Adak Offshore, LLC can provide cranes and other equipment to suit a variety of needs.

Marine Fueling Capabilities

The ability to refuel vessels at the Port of Adak is abundant. The environmentally sound OPA 90 Compliant, high capacity system accommodates up to 7,000 gallons of liquid bulk transfer per minute. The Port also has 465,000-barrel capacity of underground distillate storage and an additional 37,000-barrel capacity tank space for contingency use.

Offshore Capabilities

The Port of Adak can act as a strategic resupply point within 1,000 miles of the Artic oil and gas exploration projects during the summer months, and as a viable location to overwinter a fleet once sea ice has returned and exploration efforts are dormant due to the year-round ice-free water. The Port of Adak is truly an all-season port option for maritime operations.

Offshore oilfield service operations will be hard pressed to find a better logistics hub than the Port of Adak. The strategic location has deep draft berth space, unrivaled indoor and outdoor storage, superior aircraft runways and hangars, and onsite lodging and office space. Alaska service companies with long standing reputations across various industries support the infrastructure of Adak, and better yet, it is ready for use.

More than 100 acres of flat laydown yard, 400,000 plus square feet of covered storage, and over 150,000 square feet of hanger space are ideal for everything from containers, baskets, cranes, oil spill response equipment, to more hazardous cargo like chemicals and fuel. The expansive storage facilities at the port are available for short-term and long-term deposits.

Housing and Administrative Facilities

Adak once housed over 7,000 members of the military and their spouses, and family members. The existing housing infrastructure in place at the Port of Adak is vast. Currently, Adak’s housing facility can accommodate up to 300 long-term or short-term stays, with capacity for hundreds more with advanced notice. Fully furnished two-bedroom, two-bath units with a garage come standard with cable television, phone and Wi-Fi connections, a true home away from home.

Administrative buildings including furnished office space and conference rooms, local restaurants and stores, along with an onsite machine shop make start up in Adak easy.