Why Adak?

An Investment in Alaska’s Future

Part of the volcanic Aleutian Island chain, Adak is the westernmost city in the United States. More geographically surprising, it’s also the southernmost city in Alaska. The former Army and Naval base along Kuluk Bay is rich in US and Alaska Native History.

Although Adak is now home to a modest population, it was once a thriving metropolis and a hotbed of military activity on the Aleutian chain with upwards of 7000 residents. The Aleut Corporation is confident that Adak and its existing infrastructure will thrive once again. Not only as a support services headquarters for oil and gas exploration projects in the Arctic, or as a megaport hub for the transshipment industry, but also as a catalyst for continued development of Alaska fisheries.

The Aleut Corporation is committed to development projects in Adak to provide jobs and a better quality of life for shareholders and descendants. We also expect to secure a bright future for Alaska’s most productive industries: oil and gas, transshipping, and fisheries.

Adak is more than just a strategic, deep water port that is ice-free year round. Adak is more than an outstanding airport or strategic facilities and infrastructure. Adak is an investment in Alaska’s future. By investing in Adak’s future, we are investing in a burgeoning arctic oil and gas exploration theater and in a new frontier for the transshipment industry.